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Portable Coolness Bluetooth Speaker Basics for Your Music Needs

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There are simple, convenient ways to make the music or films on your laptop, smartphone or tablet sound even better. One handy solution for this is pairing those babies up with a Bluetooth speaker.

The market these days is filled to the brim with the most advanced high-tech gadgets and other sorts of electronic products. The Bluetooth speaker was made with convenience in mind—it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you go. You can take it with you at your favorite hang-outs, at work or even while traveling.

Even though you might have seen them on ads or heard your friends talk about them, you might not be that familiar with this particular gadget. Let us first get all bases covered with a few facts about the device, and then you can start shopping for a good model of your own.

Bluetooth Speaker Basics

What is a Bluetooth speaker? Usually, speakers operate by getting connected to an audio source first by means of a cable. These can be speaker cables that are attached to a stereo system or a handy phono cable linking an iPod device.

Bluetooth speakers steer clear of this cable option by depending on the Bluetooth system, a wireless audio scheme that can be found on cellphone earpieces and speakerphone systems on cars.

People who aren’t familiar with this gadget often think that they work in a similar way as Wi-Fi speakers. But they vary in a few approaches. Bluetooth speakers are usually meant for convenience that is why they are designed as portable pieces while those that are meant for home use are typically installed permanently or partially in immovable locations.

The device also differs from Wi-Fi speakers because it connects directly to its source, whether the source is a phone or a tablet. It does not need any go-between unlike the Wi-Fi, which needs its network to link the source and the gadgets.

The Wi-Fi network allows broadcasting of the stream of music to a variety of speakers at longer distances, which is unfeasible for a Bluetooth speaker because it only has a 30-foot range.

Bluetooth systems are also known for their finer audio quality as compared with Wi-Fi systems, and it is due in part with the kind of transmission. However, this is subjective since this particular factor would be imperceptib